High School ART 1 Curriculum

Sonoran Science Academy

Curriculum Map



GRADE: High School




TEACHER:  Mrs. Paula Hanson






AZ Standards


Language of Art





Study of line




Study of valueS















Lecture on Form and Space


Movie Edgar Degas


Identify and define the elements of art




Identify gesture, contour, continuous, blind contour lines


Learn to draw without line














Interpreting art pieces from ppt.


Biography of Degas as well as introduction of Impressionism

Identify and define elements of art

Types of line, color, schemes and shapes


Know various line types



Understand value transition, highlight and contrast. Demonstrate through value enlargements from magazine photo. Demonstrate through value enlargements from magazine photo. Demonstrate through high contrast marshmallow drawing.


Examples of art using elements


Understand the art of Degas as he works with ballet dancers as subjects. Understand the introduction to Impressionist art

S1C3 PO301





S1C2 PO301




S1C2 PO 302















S2C4 PO302

S1C2 PO401


S2C1 PO301


Self Portrait Drawing

Value Study

Working with a grid

Understanding drawing on the right side of the brain.

Interpret the individual components of the value sections rather than identify the whole or parts.


Class critiques

Self evaluations

Understand how the individual parts will create the finished product

S1C5 PO302


Space and Form





Movie : Mary Cassatt







Sculpture: Wire, Paper Mache, or recycled





Art of the Earliest times---History Unit





Oil Pastel drawing

Overview of sculpture applied arts and architecture.



American Female Impressionist painter in Paris. One of her favorite subjects was children.



Know: sculpture-in-the-round, relief sculpture, additive and subtractive processes.

Making an armature


Perceiving images, interpreting meaning of cave paintings, interpret Egyptian art, culture defined


Introduction to drawing with color values: animals and landscapes

Understand three dimensional space, mass, form, interior space


Know the works of Cassatt by the style they were painted in.

Appreciation of impressionist art style.


Understand  casting, molding, carving and assembling in sculpture and it’s vocabulary.



Understanding culture, artists use of materials available, understand religion and art.


Understand  how to  blend colors and values to create the textures and values seen in the subject.

S2 C1 PO304

S2 C2 PO 301




S2C1 PO301







S1 C1 PO 301

S2C1 PO 305






S2 C1 PO303






S1 C1 PO 303



Leonardo Da Vinci




Introduction to color









Art of the Romanesque Period




Movie on Da Vinci




Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, color schemes: analogous, monochromatic, triadic, complementary, intensity, hue, tints, shades


How life in the Romanesque times affected the art created


Understand and  know the brilliance of the artist, inventor, scientist.

Know how to mix tints an shades and mix intermediate colors

Create a color value chart




Identify the role of Romanesque architecture and illumination


S2 C4 PO302




S1 C2 PO301









S2 C4 PO403



Charcoal Still-life Drawing







Art of the Gothic Period





Final Exam





Chiaroscuro charcoal drawing technique

Study the works of Albrecht Durer.

Students will work from a still life in the classroom


Describe the contributions of Gothic artists to architecture, crafts, and painting


Final exam with review sheets


Understand chiaroscuro

Learn to draw reflective metal, glass, and fabrics.




Explain the importance of the painted arch and flying buttress.



Demonstrate a knowledge of art history, art process, art vocabulary


S1 C2 PO 401

S2 C5 PO 301

S3 C3 PO 301






S2 C2 PO 402






S3 C4 PO301











Movie: Claude Monet




Perspective Unit


Create a theme for a copper tooled book.

Make a book with handmade paper as a drilled and stitched book. Learn copper tooling and binding


Impressionism in the style of an artist who was passionate about light and shadow


One point perspective drawing cubes with cutouts

Two point perspective: Draw the exterior of a home. Discuss energy efficiency and draw an energy efficient home using passive solar, wind, solar, geothermal and hydro alternative energies

Three point perspective: Draw a city from the sky looking down.



Demonstrate knowledge of bookmaking by creating a unique book.




Review the movie and write answers to the questions



Demonstrate by drawing the SSA hallway


Demonstrate understanding by drawing an energy efficient home.







Demonstrate knowledge by drawing an interesting view of a city scape


S1 C1 PO 401

S1 C3 PO 401







S2 C1 PO304





S2 C4 PO301



Movie: Rembrandt van Rijn




Art and Ecology

Endangered Species study: Whooping Crane






Art of the Italian Renaissance


The artist who captured light and contrast



Develop a sensitivity to the endangered Whooping Crane.

Human impact, habitat loss, study of the crane’s biology, ecology and history.



Describe the style of Italian Renaissance art.

Name several Italian Renaissance artists

Use linear perspective in drawing



Understand through a quiz of the artists learned up to this point


Students will develop a passion to make a visual statement that the viewer can understand the importance of the crane in our environment.


Italian Renaissance Florence during art of the Northern Renaissance: characteristics of the style, understand symbolism , oil paint technique perfected, precision in van Eyck’s work, emotion in art by van der Weyden


S2 C5 PO401





S1 C1 PO 403

S1 C4 PO 401








S2 C4 PO403

S2 C4 PO301


Color Unit

Acrylic Painting

8x10 canvas






Acrylic painting on a 16x20 canvas







Art of the 17th and 18th Century

Use the knowledge learned earlier in the year to start a painting of value enlarged object. Mix colors to create a scheme with value changes

Students will use skills used in perspective to create an abstract painting. Students may also closely crop a picture for their motivation


Realism of Caravaggio

Expressive painting- Rembrandt, Rococo style-Watteau

Portraits by Vigee’-Lebrun & Chardin, shocking war scenes-Goya

Demonstrate use of acrylic paint mixing and application to the canvas through the completed project




Demonstrate skills in creating a visually pleasing abstract painting





Understand  Protestant Reformation and influence of counter Reformation

Baroque defined Dutch genre painting Paris as center of art contrasting value to show emphasis

S! C3 PO301








S3 C2 PO 302








S3 C4 PO 401

S3 C2 PO 301

S3 C1 PO 303





Pewter Casting







Cut and Soldered Fabricated Metals piece with cabochon stone setting





Art of the 19th Century


Design a simple stylized art piece

Carve the design in mold-reverse

Casting process

Filing and sanding


Students will cut out two pieces of metal as a negative cut section to be soldered on the positive piece

Learn to bezel set a stone.


Dramatic and exotic expression in Neoclassic and Romantic art

Communicating mood

Understanding Impressionism


Demonstrate through design and understanding the reversal process.

Ability to cast and finish a project


Demonstrate craftsmanship with creative design through the metals project




Historical and political influence of French Revolution on art

Analyzing influence of historical and political events in paintings

Neoclassic and Romantic art styles

Impressionism and Post impressionism Meet the artist-Rodin


S1 C1 PO303

S1 C2 P0 302






S1 C2 PO 401

S1 C4 PO 201

S2 C2 PO 301






S3 C5 PO 301

S3 C2 PO 302



Scratchboard drawing







Art of the 20th Century


















Final exam review and final exam


Students will draw a feathered, scaled, or furry animal


Learn how to draw in reverse (white on black)


Viewing abstract art

Subject matter of Ashcan School artists

Exploring expressive qualities of Surrealist artworks





Learn how to make a spoked basket with a variety of basket weaving techniques.






Allow students to have a practice copy of the final exam

Review in class



Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of drawing skills used in scratchboard by drawing on a 11x14 scratchboard material


Understand 20th C art movements in Europe and America

Influence of political, social and technology issues on art

Meet Diego Rivera

Social protest painting


Demonstrate how to start the base

Learn at least 4 to 5 different basket weaving techniques

Learn how to make handles and finish the rim of the basket


Students will demonstrate the accumulated knowledge of material learned by doing well on the exam.


S3 C5 PO301








S3 C5 PO 303

S3 C1 PO 305









S1 C3 PO 401









S2 C4 PO 301